StageFrights prosthetics by Halloween Direct LLC

Halloween Direct started as a small retail venture in 1999 born of a quest for superior Halloween products. Halloween Direct launched in Anaheim California with a $1000 budget after attending a Halloween tradeshow in Las Vegas that allowed us to meet some of the best manufacturers in the Halloween industry.

In early 2004 we got word that one of our favorite manufacturers was no longer going to be producing their line of foam latex prosthetics. This Hollywood area movie and TV makeup shop who developed their own line of generic foam latex prosthetics was getting too busy with their primary work for TV and film. They needed to reclaim the space used by their generic prosthetic line for custom work. We purchased the molds and trained with their makeup artists and foam technitions to learn how to produce film quality appliances for the public.

After several years of perfecting our technique and finding the best, most consistant, high quality materials we launched our wholesale venture in 2008. Since then we have added several new styles and have expanded to a 2000 square foot facility in Fort Mill, South Carolina where the mixers spin and the ovens run 5 days a week producing thousands of units annually.

Since our first batch of foam in 2007 to every batch run today we strive to continue producing the highest quality foam latex prosthetics available. That is why every piece is hand made, quality checked and packaged in the USA.