Halloween Direct LLC DBA StageFrights Retail Selling Policies 
Effective January 1, 2017  

Thank you for being a valued reseller of StageFrights products. We appreciate all of our resellers and after much consideration and feedback we have decided to implement Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP). It is our intention for the following policies to maintain value for the brand and keep it a viable product in all market places. 

While we understand that not all business models are the same we need to support all of our resellers. In order to do this it is important to level the playing field so that StageFrights products maintain adequate value and profit for our entire reseller network. 

For now we require all product's minimum advertised price be no less than 10% below Keystone pricing based on our current wholesale price sheet. Keystone pricing is determined by marking up wholesale prices by 100%. For example, if the wholesale cost of a product is $25 the Keystone retail price would be $50. Minimum advertised price for the product would be no less than 10% below or $45 in this example. 

We understand that in some cases a reseller may find they have some sku's that do not sell through as quickly as anticipated. Some resellers may be inclined to discount this over stock beyond that which MAP pricing will allow. While we cannot make exceptions to our MAP pricing in these circumstances, we encourage our resellers to contact us and request an exchange of their overstock for more successful sku'.s. We will try to accommodate any reasonable request for such exchanges. 
In order to ensure adherence to this policy we will be monitoring and investigating any reported violations. If a reseller is found in violation they will be contacted and given a chance to comply with our MAP pricing. Multiple occurrences and / or failure to make appropriate price adjustments may result in denial of further wholesale purchases through Halloween Direct LLC DBA StageFrights or any of our authorized wholesale distributors. 
We encourage all of our resellers to help us monitor adherence to this policy. To report violations, please CLICK HERE.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our effort to provide a quality product to consumers at a margin that supports our reseller's bottom line.