Lion makeup fx costume mask
Gorilla Foam Latex Prosthetic Appliance Mask
Item # HD600-126

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Gorilla costumes are a staple of the costume industry. Why? Because they are big bad ass animals and can be goofy as hell when you are monkeying around dressed like one. However, if you ever found yourself face to face with a gorilla you'd better toss a banana make a run for it. This Gorilla mask and our Chimp prosthetic are perfect for a Planet of the Apes costume.

All of our appliances are hand made in the USA out of high grade foam latex. Foam latex prosthetic masks were developed by film and TV makeup artists for realistic character effects. These masks "glue" to your face and move with your every expression to give the most convincing character transformation for your costume. Our unpainted prosthetics are customizable. Add  color and hair to create a makeup effect to suit your character needs. 

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